Top 5 Travelling Items You May Not Have Thought to Take

You are excited and probably slightly nervous about the trip you have just booked. Maybe you have never been travelling before and it is all new or perhaps this isn’t your first time going on a big trip and you know what to expect. Either way, you will soon need to think about what to take with you and may be wondering where to start. 

There is a large list of possible items and a few obvious ones spring to mind, such as a good backpack, clothes, toiletries. But there are lots of little things - some of which can have a big impact on your overall trip. At TravelEzey we have put together a list of the top 5 things you should pack in your bag before you go. 

We hope you enjoy your trip. If you are still looking for a backpacking tour we can personally recommend G Adventures. They provide a huge ranges of tours all over the world. You will get a tour leader who will lead your group and support you the entire time. Some of us at TravelEzey have been on G Adventures tours in South East Asia and had the time of our lives!


      1. Mosquito spray

It is worth getting a good mozzie repellent and having it on you all the time. Sometimes you will be fine. Other times they will be everywhere and it’s just a lot more pleasant not having to deal with all the bites after - as nasty as repellent is to spray on your skin. 

Top Tip: If going on a jungle walk or similar where there is likely to be a high concentration of mosquitoes - wear lighter clothing. Mosquitoes are attracted to darker colours and can still bite you through clothing so it is worth wearing lighter colours to try and keep them away from you as much as possible!

 We recommend: Incognito Natural Mosquito Spray

Natural Deet Free Anti Mosquito Insect Repellent Spray (100Ml)

      2. Power bank

A power bank is so handy and also a bit of a safety net if you find yourself off grid for a few days or on a long day trip. Most phone batteries will last around a day and with snapping lots of pictures and videos that could potentially drop. As well as being able to charge your smartphone, it will have standard USB connections to allow you to charge pretty much anything like a smart watch or torch. 

A minimum of 10,000mAh is recommended. That will do just over 2 charges of a standard smartphone. You will have a bit more spare in the tank too, if you need it. 

20,000mAh is ideal and will mean you will never have to worry about finding somewhere to juice up!

We recommend: 20000mAh Quick Charge Power Bank

20000mAh Travel Power Bank Quick Charge

      3. Playing Cards

Evening games (and maybe the odd Bingtang or two) are a staple of travelling, especially when on a group trip with a tour operator. Playing cards are so useful because they are so small, can accommodate many players and you can play so many different games. 

Some of our favourites include:

We recommend: 2 Pack of Playing Cards


2 Deck High Quality Playing cards

      4. Dry Bag

This may depend on where you are going and what activities your are planning to do, however a dry bag is a great addition to your packing list. It doesn’t take up too much room and can give you loads of flexibility to do water based activities without the worry of your valuables being lost/stolen or getting wet. 

You can get dry bags in many sizes but a small one is generally recommended, appx 5litres. You can keep phones, watches, passports and more in a small dry bag and take it in the sea or or that tubing trip down the river. You may even get caught in a monsoon and it’s nice to have somewhere you know your valuables are safe from water. 

We recommend: NatureHike 5L Dry Bag


Naturehike Drifting Bag Waterproof Dry Bag

      5. Hand Sanitiser

Before the pandemic, hand sanitiser was well known and little used but for travelling it is something that you may come to rely on more than you think. There are potentially lots of unsanitary situations you may find yourself in such as public toilets and public transport where you may want to sanitise straight after use. 

You may be on a day trip with no public facilities to use and the best solution to this will be Alcohol Hand Sanitiser. This is definitely one to keep in the day bag as it will come in usual almost every day. 

We recommend: 6 Pack Hand Sanitiser

Hand Sanitizer MultiPack



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